Serve Perfect Water This Holiday Season

When setting the table, we may stop to think, “Does the water glass go on the left or the right?” But we often don’t consider what kind of water or ice we are filling those glasses with and what our guests might be used to drinking.

Tap water quality and taste ranges wildly from city to city, town to town, depending on its source and filtration methods. On your own, you may bypass that funky tap water by purchasing bottled water or using a water delivery service. But over time, the costs add up. 

Americans spend nearly $12 billion a year on bottled water, almost 2,000 times the cost of tap water. And when you have guests in town, you’re looking at purchasing A LOT of bottled water to ensure you have enough clean-tasting water to drink. 

So what can you do to avoid going broke on bottles or serving your important guests poor-quality tap water? Well, the good news is that tap water can be greatly improved by the use of a sinktop filtration system. Sinktop systems are simple to install compared to undersink systems, and their compact size means it won’t take up a lot of space. And at under $100, you’ll save a bundle on bottles. 

Something else to consider is the ice you’re using. With unfiltered ice, often you get cloudy, mineral filled cubes that when melted, taste just like your tap water defeating the purpose of serving up filtered water. In order to avoid this, you’re better off buying crystal clear filtered ice from the grocery store or fill ice-cube trays with filtered or bottled water. If you’re looking for a long-term solution, install a whole-home filter. Whole-home filters rid your water of common water treatment chemicals, foul tastes and unappealing smells. This solution will not only help with your water in your kitchen, but in every area of the home.   

So whichever side of the table you put your glasses on (hint: on the right, just above the knife), just make sure you’re filling it with water and ice that tastes as good as the meal you’re pairing.

This was Part 1 of our series on holiday water usage. Keep coming back for tips on how to accommodate your guests’ water usage without breaking the bank.