10 Water-Related Gifts for the Holiday Season

Updated: 11/09/18

Water is an essential part our everyday lives; it’s necessary for drinking, cleaning, hygiene and our overall health. At Perfect Water Technologies, we strive to provide the purest water in homes across the country. So while we take water a bit more seriously, that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun with it. And what better way to spread the joys of water than with some holiday cheer?

This gift-giving season, consider a few H20-related items for everyone in your life. From the practical to the playful, here is our guide to the top water-related gifts.

1.     Shot Glass Ice Molds by KOVAT ($11.99)

In a previous blog post, we highlighted the importance of quality ice for your cocktails, but this takes ice to a whole new level of party utility. Fill the silicone mold up with filtered water, freeze and you have an instant party for eight – just add a beverage of choice! What’s more, you can spare yourself the cleanup (and party evidence) by letting these bad boys melt away when done.

2.     Hydro Flask Bottles ($29.95 and up)

A home filtration system can save you big bucks, so of course you would want to protect that investment by taking your tasty filtered water with you while you’re out and about. A Hydro Flask is the best way to ensure your water stays as crisp and cool as the moment it was filtered thanks to its revolutionary TempeShield™ protection. The double walled, vacuum insulated technology means the Hydro Flask keeps cold up to 24 hours. Plus, the ultra-lightweight stainless steel is BPA-free and phthalate-free unlike some plastic bottles.

3.     Universal Waterproof Phone Pouch by JOTO ($6.31)

Despite our mutual love for water and electronics, they can be a dangerous combination. Protect your precious smartphone (as well as credit cards and other valuables) from water damage with this handy waterproof pouch. The universal design fits most phones up to 6 inches, plus the clear material allows you to use the touchscreen and still easily take photos. Great for trips to the beach or lounging by the pool.

4.     Home Master Jr. F2 Elite Sinktop Water Filter by Perfect Water Technologies ($92.50)

Great for apartments, condos, dorms or rentals, a sinktop water filter is the perfect solution for anyone in need of filtered water without the ability to install a whole-house system. This lightweight and discreet counter top water filter is simple to install and removes up to 93 percent of dirt, soluble metals and chemicals that cause foul tastes and odors in tap water. It is truly a gift that keeps on giving!

5.     Showerheads for everyone on your list

From the fanatic to the fancy, everyone needs a showerhead that reflects their personal style. Star Wars continues to top gift lists this year, and home goods are no exception. Try the Darth Vader Handheld Showerhead by Oxygenics ($14.99) and feel the force with this pressure-boosting handheld showerhead.

For those looking to escape the reign of the Dark Lord, the 35-Spray 3-in-1 Rainfall Luxury Showerhead Combo by Rain Spa ($29.99) provides more of a spa-like shower experience with not one, but two powerful showerheads each with six different settings featuring the advanced high-performance 3-zone PrecisionFlo™ dial for more powerful flow even with low water pressure. The stationary spout has a 4.25-inch diameter, and the 35 spray settings offer 10 single and 25 combined water patterns for a truly luxurious feel.

6.     Aqua Glow Underwater Light Show ($29.99)

Finally – a dramatic backyard light show without the dramatic cost. This floating disco light covers your pool in multicolored patterns, making for a fun addition for any gathering. This product goes into action with the simple flip of a switch. Plus, the battery-powered Aqua Glow has an auto shut-off feature.

7.     Hot Water Bottle Cozy ($29.99)

Stay warm with this wool fleece hot water bottle cozy. Simply put, it covers your favorite rubber water bottle (not included) for hours of toasty toes, snuggly sheets or heated hands. Not only are hot water bottle heaters a safer alternative to electric heating pads, they’re great year round to relieve pain, muscle tension, cramps and headaches.

8.     Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker by JBL ($119.95)

Turn your pool party up a notch and take shower karaoke to the next level with a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. The JBL Charge 3 portable waterproof speaker can go just about anywhere and is made of rugged rubber that can be totally submerged. What’s more, the Bluetooth allows for connecting with other JBL speakers for an amplified sound-system experience, and the rechargeable Li-ion battery supports up to 20 hours of playtime on top of charging smartphones and other devices via USB.

9.     Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser by OliveTech ($26.34)

Who says oil and water don’t mix? Combine a few drops of your favorite essential oils with the power of a fine mist for the ultimate in relaxation. Soothe your senses and give any room in your home or office a fresh, clean scent with this decorative diffuser that is as appealing to the eye as it is your nose. With added mist strength controls, the boost in moisture can help soften dry and chapped winter skin and make it easier to breath. Plus, the seven customizable LED Light settings add ambiance, and the classic wood grain finish makes it a statement piece in any home.

10.  Donation to a water relief organization

Let’s not forget the true meaning of the holiday season and give back to those in need. For many – in fact, more than 633 million people around the world – that need is daily access to safe drinking water. Water.org or charity: water are two great non-profit organizations helping to bring clean water to people in developing countries and empowering their communities for financially and environmentally sustainable solutions. In addition to accepting online donations, you can send a holiday e-card honoring your gift of water through Water.org. Or, check out charity: water’s shop full of fun water-loving gifts with proceeds going directly to its cause.