Patented Mounting System from Perfect Water Technologies Makes Installation a Breeze


Installing whole-house water systems just got a whole lot easier thanks to Perfect Water Technologies’ patented wall-mount bracket. The bracket was specifically designed by company president and visionary, Jon Sigona, to fit standard residential 16-inch wall studs, allowing consumers the ability to easily mount their Home Master system directly to the wall, saving time and money. This marks Sigona’s third U.S. patent for his innovative water purification products.



PHOENIX (July 6, 2016)Perfect Water Technologies announced today it has been awarded a new U.S. patent for its innovative wall-mount bracket, which significantly simplifies the installation process of its whole-house water filtration systems. Patent No. D760,578 is the third patent for the company that produces groundbreaking whole-house water filtration, undersink reverse osmosis (RO) and hydroponic systems under the Home Master® brand.  

Traditional two-stage, whole-house filtration systems on the market today use brackets that force consumers to mount the system to a two-by-four or particleboard before securing it to a wall. These brackets also typically interfere with the pipe fitment, causing additional install challenges.

Our patented wall-mount bracket was developed to fit standard residential 16-inch wall studs, eliminating these steps completely and allowing consumers to easily mount their Home Master system directly to the wall. 

“The biggest driver of our R&D efforts is the consumer experience,” said Jon Sigona, president of Perfect Water Technologies. “Our research team looks at every area of the customer/product interaction, seeking to produce an evolutionary refinement or revolutionary new development to deliver the perfect water to our customers. This patented wall-mount bracket alleviates installation headaches for consumers and simplifies the DIY option.”

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About Perfect Water Technologies

Perfect Water Technologies develops innovative water purification products for home and garden under the Home Master® brand. Founded in 2002, the company has developed a patented remineralization system for reverse osmosis systems to reduce storage tank degradation, improve water quality and reproduce perfect natural water. Recent efforts have focused on bringing the highest-grade catalytic carbon to all of our carbon filters to address the growing concern with chloramines. For more information about Perfect Water Technologies and Home Master brand products, visit