Countertop Water Solutions, Ideal for Rentals & Small Spaces

There’s something about returning to a college dorm or apartment after a holiday break that makes you realize the things taken for granted at home. One common complaint is the quality of water – or the lack thereof – available in most dorms and apartments. Showering with tap water may be cutting it for temporary housing situations, but living off bottled water is neither cost- or eco-efficient.

Municipal tap water can contain all sorts of chemicals, including chlorine and chloramine, dissolved solids like sulfur, aluminum and even heavy metals like mercury and lead. These can give tap water a foul taste or smell and are less than ideal for daily consumption.  

Filtered water is the obvious solution, but for many living in dorms, apartments or other small, shared or even short-term dwellings, a whole-house filter isn’t practical.

The solution? Countertop filters. These filters provide clean water precisely where you need it – your sink. Not only do sink top dispensers remove up to 99 percent of chemicals, metals and other impurities found in tap water, they are ideal for these common dorm and apartment dilemmas, including:

Small spaces

Small living quarters means little room, even for the essentials. With every nook-and-cranny of a kitchen cabinet split among multiple roommates, there is simply no space for bulky water filters or stacks of bottled water. Our Home Master ® Jr., sink top filter only uses a few inches of counter space, nestled next to your existing faucet. Plus, no need to worry about overturning heavy five-gallon jugs or a difficult installation process.

Shared water

Packaging utilities can be a pretty sweet deal, and usually a logistical must for dorms or apartments. But this sort of setup leaves little room for customization. Since buildings must only provide access to basic needs, municipal tap water is what you can expect to find. With a sink top filter, you can easily transform your water supply into clean, filtered H2O for your personal needs and enjoyment.

On the move

Dorms aren’t typically long-term living situations, and most people aren’t prepared to invest additional funds in a place they may only be leasing for a short time. Most sink top dispensers are easy to install and can be removed in minutes, so you can easily take it with you to your next residence. Our model, the Home Master ® Jr., even comes with a limited three-year warranty as an added bonus.

Inexpensive and cost-effective

At well under $100, sink top dispensers are not only a less expensive alternative to whole-house filters, they are also more cost-effective in the long run. The average American drinks 167 water bottles per year, and one could guess more for on-the-go college students. That could equal more than $500 per year! With a sink top filter, you’ll have better-than-bottled water right at your faucet, ready to refill at a moment’s notice at no additional cost.


Money isn’t the only thing wasted on water bottles. Of the hundreds of bottles consumed by individuals each year, only about 20 percent are recycled. Additionally, many dorms don’t offer recycling services, causing more plastic bottles to end up in landfills. By reducing the amount of bottled water usage (and investing in a quality reusable bottle), you do your part in reducing your carbon footprint.

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