Perfect Water Technologies Targets New Market with Sub-$50 Faucet Filter - Home Master® Mini

New line of Mini Faucet Filters key entry to aspirational brand, volume demographic

Mini filter · Big purifier™

PHOENIX (January 2018) – A leading provider of innovative residential water filtration solutions, Perfect Water Technologies released a new line of sub-$50 faucet filters designed to compete with Brita® and Pur® for value conscious customers. The Home Master® Mini Faucet Filters present a strong value proposition as they provide 3-6 times longer filter life, with similar filtration capabilities and at a similar price point.

Perfect for tiny homes, apartments, shared spaces, travel, dorm rooms, and flexible living the Mini connects directly to a kitchen or bathroom faucet for a fast flow of clean, filtered water that is quick to install and easily portable.

Additional product details:

  • Available in 3 different styles to function well in any municipal water supply: Mini, Mini Plus and 1CCB

  • The Mini Plus removes lead, and the 1CCB uses advanced catalytic carbon to remove chloramines. The standard Mini uses an 1 micron carbon block filter that is NSF certified.
This entry-level product is long overdue, but we had to be certain its performance, durability and business case were completely in line with the Home Master® brand. We built and discarded many previous iterations before we were fully satisfied with this Mini.
— President and Founder of Perfect Water Technologies, Jon Sigona.

Read the full press release here.